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Evertone Accusage Thermo 7 in 1 Hot & Cold Massage Wrap

Evertone Accusage Thermo 7 in 1 Hot & Cold Massage Wrap

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1 Wrap - 10 Body Parts The Accusage Thermo full body wrap features a 2 fastener system that attaches to anywhere on your body. This includes the back. shoulder. hip. legs. arms. knee and feet. This hybrid wrap replaces the need for multiple wraps that only secures to one part of your body. Fastener straps can also be adjusted for heavy or mild compression.Copper - The Accusage Thermo is infused with copper materials. The properties of copper are antimicrobial and antibacterial. Copper in our wrap helps to eliminate body odor that a typical wrap might hold. It is comfortable. moisture wicking and also regulates heat.Graphene - Made with our newest tech. Graphene Max. This incredible material is super lightweight and super strong. Graphene Max enhances the Microcurrent EMS ElectroTek with supercharged conductivity which helps active more of your muscle fibers to maximize your recovery. Magnetic therapy - 2 built in magnets included in wrap.Heat Therapy - The heat provided by the hot packs has several important benefits. These may include: Relaxes and loosens tight and sore muscles Helps increase range of motion to promote rejuvenation of the muscles Heat Therapy pouch directly targets your problem areasCold therapy - The Accusage Thermo replaces the need for bulky hot water bags and uncomfortable ice packs. Each Wrap is equipped with our INSTAHEAT Hot/Cold gel pack. Just Click the button inside to instantly activate the HEAT function to warm up your sore. tired muscles. Or place in the freezer to get lasting COLD therapy to help reduce Muscle Inflammation and swelling.Electro-Tek Microcurrent – The Accusage Thermo utilizes the Electro-tek microcurrent that gently stimulates and massages the muscles to help promote recovery and maximize muscle output. You can actually see it working.Tourmaline - The high intensity compression fabric is galvanized with self-heating tourmaline which helps utilize your own body heat and maximize it to promote recovery. As you move and generate heat. you activate the advanced tourmaline technology.

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